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Consulting Services

Process Review

Process Review and Automation

Dive into the essence of your business processes with White Spire's discerning review services. Before we introduce any technology, we pause and evaluate to ensure we're not automating inefficiencies. Our approach is about streamlining and simplifying first—peeling back the layers of outdated tasks to reveal the core of true productivity. Only then do we carefully select and apply automation to enhance what's already working well. With White Spire, you'll do the right things smarter, not just faster, ensuring that technology elevates your productivity and profitability genuinely and sustainably.

Outsource Fractionl CFO COO

Outsource and Fractional CFO/COO

Dive into the heart of executive strategy with White Spire's seasoned CFO/COO services, adaptable to both one-off strategic projects and ongoing advisory roles. We're not just an addition to your team; we're a catalyst for elevating your business capabilities. Whether you're a solo founder in need of support and professional metrics or a scaling venture seeking executive partnership, our tailored approach is designed to fortify your leadership. We bring a wealth of expertise in funding strategies, financial forecasting, compliance, supply chain optimization, and go-to-market strategies. Our objective is to navigate your business towards its goals with a blend of precision, agility, and insightful foresight. Partner with White Spire to transform your executive potential into tangible success.

Project Management

Project Management

White Spire’s project management services are uniquely tailored to support your team’s needs, whether you're embarking on internal projects or navigating complex finance transformations and ERP implementations. We offer a dual approach: acting as a mentor and guide to bolster an internal team member leading a project or stepping in to manage the project part-time on your behalf. Our expertise ensures that your projects are not just about meeting deadlines, but about setting new standards in success and innovation. With White Spire, gain the confidence and support to turn ambitious projects into remarkable achievements.

Operational Efficiency Audit

Operational Efficiency Audit

White Spire's operational efficiency audits, illuminated by the principles of The White Map, offer a unique pathway to excellence with minimal disruption to your team. We understand the paradox of being 'too busy to improve.' That's why our audits are designed to be unobtrusive, requiring minimal time from your team while we delve into uncovering inefficiencies. Our approach blends seamlessly with your ongoing operations, allowing us to provide actionable insights and strategies that unlock time and drive sustainable growth. With White Spire, you don’t just discover inefficiencies; you embark on a journey towards reclaimed time and industry-leading performance.

Operational Excellence Workshop for Teams

Operational Excellence Workshop for Teams

White Spire's workshops are meticulously designed to empower cross-functional teams with a shared language and purpose, aligning personal development with company benefits. Our sessions go beyond theoretical knowledge, deeply engaging with the specific challenges and goals of your organization. Participants leave our workshops not just informed, but energized and ready to drive impactful change. We tailor each workshop to resonate with your team’s unique focus, fostering a collaborative environment where every member feels empowered to contribute to process improvement. With White Spire, your team will not only learn efficiency principles but will become active agents of innovation and excellence.

Working with White Spire and Ciara gave me the clarity and structure needed for my 3-year cash flow forecast. Her systematic approach simplified the forecasting process but also provided me with a maintainable framework. This invaluable support has positioned me strongly for funding discussions. Highly recommend for any founder looking to demystify financial planning.


Louisamay Hanrahan, CEO & Founder & Lets Match Mums

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