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Ciara Greaney

White Spire, led by Ciara Greaney, addresses foundational business challenges with pragmatic, proven solutions. Recognising the common hurdles faced by both startups and corporates, Ciara leverages her extensive experience in digital transformation, project management, strategic operations, and finance to craft strategies that focus on efficiency and building a robust foundation.


Her approach is grounded in real-world successes, achieving efficiency gains and sustainable growth across diverse business landscapes. We blend deep insights with practical, results-driven strategies, ensuring every solution is tailored to deliver tangible improvements and operational excellence. At White Spire, our compact team, supplemented by a network of subject matter experts, excels in transforming complex challenges into clear, effective solutions. We're not just a consulting firm; we're a proven partner to deliver operational excellence across multiple business units.

Ciara Greaney
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