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At White Spire, we partner with you to streamline and ensure compliance in your operations, focusing on practical solutions for business process improvement and strategic guidance.


Spring Webinar Series: Operational Excellence

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Unlock new levels of efficiency quickly with our bespoke process review and automation solutions.


Process Review & Automation

Elevate your executive strategy with our fractional CFO/COO expertise.


Outsourcing & Fractional CFO/COO

Expert-led sustainability services tailored to your business needs.




Illuminate the path to peak performance. Business Process Strategy to scale or optimise your team.


Business Process


Ignite transformative change with our tailored workshops, uniting teams under a shared vision of efficiency and innovation.


Operational Excellence Team Workshops

Sustainability & Carbon Reporting

The primary goal of our program is to establish a collaborative partnership with diverse industry players, aiming to thoroughly understand the challenges they encounter in embedding carbon reporting into their operations. By working closely with these organizations, we intend to:

  • Simplify the carbon reporting process

  • Reduce the financial burden of this activity

  • Provide businesses with the tools to maintain themselves.

Through this offering, we aim to transform the necessity of carbon reporting from a cumbersome obligation into a streamlined, cost-effective process, empowering businesses to focus on their core activities while confidently managing their environmental responsibilities.

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Our Mission

At White Spire, we stand as your trusted partner in transforming and streamlining business processes. With over two decades of expertise, our mission is to simplify the complexities of operational and financial management, offering clear, trustworthy strategies for improvement. We are dedicated to fostering growth through uncomplicated, effective approaches and steadfast guidance. Upholding our core values of simplicity, trust, clarity, and operational excellence, we ensure that we are more than consultants — we are integral partners in your journey towards efficiency and success.

Working with White Spire and Ciara gave me the clarity and structure needed for my 3-year cash flow forecast. Her systematic approach simplified the forecasting process but also provided me with a maintainable framework. This invaluable support has positioned me strongly for funding discussions. Highly recommend for any founder looking to demystify financial planning.


Louisamay Hanrahan, CEO & Founder & Lets Match Mums

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